We all, at some point in our life, envision in our mind (and maybe future) a glorious house of our dreams, one filled with rooms and things we personally wish to see in it.

Most of us live in apartments, not in personal houses. Many wish to either buy or build their dream house, myself included !

But what is “my” dream house ? Honestly, a person does not need much to live in the current day and age, but that does not mean that we should accept living in “cramped” apartments and never move away from them, but rather, we should adjust our “future” houses in our vision.

In my case the one house of my dreams is a two floor house filled with basic needs, which include bathrooms, living rooms, (potentially) a cellar for storing things, a kitchen and something more specialised.

By saying something specialised I mean the room of my dreams — outfitted with everything my heart desires. In this case it would be a “gaming/working” room, filled with a powerful computer, decent monitor, tablets for writing, sound isolation, a very comfortable bed, probably a wardrobe for everything I own and, of course, a big table where most of my trinkets will be put on.

Aside from that the house itself could be made from any material available, as long as it’s sturdy, properly protects from cold and warm weathers and looks nice ! Colours may wary depending on the mood, but I generally wish to see a “warm”, fiery-hot and friendly house, instead of a “cold” blue, both inside and outside as a sign of welcoming new guests !

Thank you for reading this. Remember to stay positive and you will always achieve your “dreams”, haha.

A Student, A Russian Patriot and an Ambitions Person who loves History, Diplomacy, International Relations, Languages and The World’s People.