Into the unknown…(pre-new year speculations of a random student).

Good morning, day, evening or night, stranger. It’s time to talk with each other.

Good day to you, my friend ! — We have all experienced the year of 2020, which was one of the weirder years in humanity’s history.

But you have not come here to discuss it’s downsides, oh no, no ! rather the opposite. We shall discuss the upsides, be kind and friendly to one another and speculate what the future might hold for us.

So, relax, make yourself comfortable, my lovely reader. For we are about to talk with each other, “person-to-person”, through our monitors, just like most of the world did.

What…does the next year hold for us ? Perhaps it’s going to even worse, or much better than the current year ? Maybe it will lead us down a new path, one that has improvements after improvements ? or maybe the opposite..who knows ? The world, as it is, has become quite…”hot”, so to speak (both politically…and literally).

My speculations are my own, yours…are yours, simple as that. But here are some of my Ideas that might or might never happen. After all, the world is an everchanging place, isn’t it ?:

1 — Further life-internet integration. — Currently, most people around the world used the internet at some point (be it for their work, business, or personal life). Even governments have started to utilize it ! (especially when looking at E-Estonia movement (one made by their government to interract with their citizens through expansions of the internet usage !).

2 — Pandemic relief — possibly,hopefully we might finally find a cure to this horrible virus that is currently spreading. But for now, we shall all endure, united and strong, right ?

3 — new year, old/new me (?) — I shall become much, talkative and open. I shall and WILL become a better person, one that learns and strives to go forward ! One that does NOT give up on his dreams and ambitions. And one that wishes to better this world. And what about you, my lovely reader ? Hopefully, what you have read above is going to apply to you as well.

4 — technological advancements — Rapid advancements of our technology has surely made a big impact on our societies. Hopefully, in the near future, we will discover more and more possibilities that await us, the human race.

5 — Unity (or..disunity, such is our nature…) — Hopefully next year will bring us ever closer to true equality. One that promotes our countries to co-operate between each other…rather than fight in trade wars and threats…and so on.

And lastly…I hope you, reader, will achieve your dreams and ambitions. Good luck to you and a…happy new year ?

With Love,

Sergey, a random russian student.

A Student, A Russian Patriot and an Ambitions Person who loves History, Diplomacy, International Relations, Languages and The World’s People.