Oh, how the time flies. A year had passed and so many things happened before our very own eyes !

To me, it was one of the most amazing (and scary) experiences I’ve ever had in my life.

Being a close and shy person most of my life I tended to ignore everything and everyone around me, I was basically an outcast, a very close person who only lives in his own world.

That had to change at some point, it had to because the “world” and god demanded it. So, I’ve changed — I became more social, open, friendlier…

When talking about restaurants and the way they serve people, we tend to focus on some key points: Are the prices high or low ? Was the service as professional and quick as promised by advertisements ? Does the atmosphere deliver the desired effect of becoming one with the culture of the food that the restaurants serve ?

All of these questions tend to be answered quite quickly and on the spot. As for me, not too long ago I went to a sushi restaurant and as expected, it was heavily inspired by japanese culture and cuisine.

To start of…

We all, at some point in our life, envision in our mind (and maybe future) a glorious house of our dreams, one filled with rooms and things we personally wish to see in it.

Most of us live in apartments, not in personal houses. Many wish to either buy or build their dream house, myself included !

But what is “my” dream house ? Honestly, a person does not need much to live in the current day and age, but that does not mean that we should accept living in “cramped” apartments and never move away from them, but rather…

Winter, the cold, yet beautiful days of this season.

We all love going on holidays. A special occasion when people (especially students) get to relax, socialise more, drink some hot beverages while relaxing in their houses and have a good time. A magnificent experience that all of us enjoy. This could also mean that some interesting events happen in which said people get involved, right ?

Well, that is indeed true. But not when talking about me.

Being a person, who does not “move” a lot I tend to serf the internet and find thing that I enjoy online. This…

good day to you, my loverly reader !

oh well, winter holidays have come to an end and now university lectures shall take their place. But what happened in those russian winter holidays ?

To be honest…nothing much. But just how uneventful were they ?

Alright, they were “quite eventful”. So, let’s begin, shall we ?

We start off with the honored Russian tradition of celebrating the “literal” coming of “The new year !” (in this case — the coming of 2021). The celebration went as always: the president’s speech, lots of drinks (from fizzy drinks to, well, the stereotypical…

The “I forgot to do my tasks” story…but one that brings happy and sad memories for me.

Friends, friends…friends. I always call strangers “friends”, out of politeness and to show them that I am honest with them. You can feel free to express yourself around me, your feelings, emotions, thoughts…all of that, which has built up inside of you.

But that is what a “truly best” friend is for, am I wrong ? A person you can rely on, with whom you have a jolly good time, open up to.

I remember having a friend in school…the only “true” friend…

The weirdest, hardest, scariest, questionably okay-ish (?) year that We all had to go through.

The end of the year draws near, and so, here I am…to talk about what I, a…fresh student, had to go through to get to this point.

The beginning of the year was insanely stressful. Imagine being a non-talkative, shy school boy who gets constantly bullied, but not because you are weaker, oh no…but because those bullies want your attention, for they know that YOU are better than them in all regards (from looks, to intelligence, to morality, and family). …

Good morning, day, evening or night, stranger. It’s time to talk with each other.

Good day to you, my friend ! — We have all experienced the year of 2020, which was one of the weirder years in humanity’s history.

But you have not come here to discuss it’s downsides, oh no, no ! rather the opposite. We shall discuss the upsides, be kind and friendly to one another and speculate what the future might hold for us.

So, relax, make yourself comfortable, my lovely reader. …

Greetings, lovely reader !

I wish to warn you: Before reading this, you must realise that this story has been made by some random russian student who in no way, shape, or form a “professional” at this kind of discussion. That being said, I would like to…expand myself and my experiences with these kinds of things, starting…now:

There is an ongoing pandemic happening in the world, and one that every. single. person has heard of. …

Well, Greetings to anyone who is reading this.

I am, but a “random” russian student that is going to quickly recap some of the things that have happened to him in his first year of “student life”.

First things first, a trip to “history museum”. Well, not really a “museum” of sorts, but still a nice play inside of LUNN. It’s filled with, you guessed it, historical stuff ! (art, texts, etc.). I was, somewhat, invigorated after visiting that mini-museum. Perhaps you, my reader, should at some point visit one as well and see through you own country’s history …

Egorov Sergey Sergeyevich.

A Student, A Russian Patriot and an Ambitions Person who loves History, Diplomacy, International Relations, Languages and The World’s People.

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